Non Destructive Testing

Test in-service wind turbine blades whilst in-situ

Any small defect on the external surface of the blade could reveal a major problem below the surface. During the cleaning and polishing cycle video scanning is in operation. This clearly shows any defects and any issues that could require further investigation. In these cases the extending section of the ISL service platform (ISL1) is activated. First the cleaning brushes are moved to the far left of the service platform and the extendable section of the ISL1 is extended. These two operations combined give the operator a close-up detailed personal view of the blade. The already videoed or still image of the defect is emailed direct to the client for review. Further immediate investigation could then be discussed and authorised. The different non destructive techniques include:

  • Various Scanning Techniques
  • X-ray of Tower Welds, both horizontal and vertical insitu

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