Blade Repair

In-situ repair techniques

With the wind turbine service platform in the extended position, repairs can be carried out:-

Repair Techniques

Damage assessment by NDT

  • Assess damage and find areas of good laminate to which repair can be connected

Repair Schedules

  • Can be provided by blade manufacturer based on production repair practices
  • Can be developed by specialist (composite supplier) to meet in-service requirements

Repair Levels

  • Cosmetic repair: gel coat repair
  • Temporary repair: limit spread of damage and degradation of composite material until full repair required
  • Structural repair: replace damaged laminate and restore laminate for service

Repair Types

  • Guided by composite supplier and blade manufacturer/designer
  • Includes techniques for monolithic and cored laminates including wood-carbon blades', polyester and epoxy resin systems: Patch repair, Scarfed repair, Stepped repair, Leading and Trailing edge repairs

Repair Methods

  • Guided by composite supplier and blade manufacturer/designer
  • Includes: Gurit’s Renuvo Repair System, Pre-cured doubler, Vacuum bag

Repair assessment by NDT

  • Key part of repair process to monitor repair quality and integrity of repair during service

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