Analysis and Cleaning

Keeping your blades clean and polished is a very sound investment

Increasing the frequency of analysis, cleaning, polishing and repair extends the lifespan and effciency of the blades. The wind turbine service platform is attached to an access platform ranging from 50m to 112m in height. The service and access platform combined provides everything needed to service a wind turbine blade in-situ, in one compact package. A water storage system, generator and water heating system are only part of the package; this illustrates the thought that has gone into providing a complete wind turbine blade service. Once the access platform has lifted the wind turbine service platform into place the control of the cleaning equipment is set to automatic and an on-board computer takes care of the rest. The brush to blade pressure is closely monitored via laser sensors; this is so that the optimal brush pressure against the blade is applied. The sensors also make sure that the brushes follow every contour of the blade’s surface. The cleaning equipment’s water supply is set to a precise pressure so as to avoid blade damage and make sure that water is not wasted:-

  • No environmental damage from cleaning liquids
  • No blade corrosion caused by high water pressure
  • No blade damage caused by manual cleaning
  • No long turbine shutdowns for cleaning and polishing
  • No external power supply required
  • No damage caused to any blade furniture

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